This is What Raising a Feminist Looks Like: Ellie Marney

A new episode of the podcast is available now via iTunes and all your regular podcast services!

In this episode I speak with award-winning Young Adult author Ellie Marney about her experiences raising four boys in regional Victoria. 

We chat about the isolating experience of motherhood in the western context, the evolution of parenting at different stages of your children’s lives and how teenage boys experiences are being changed by the spread of feminist concepts and much more.

I was so thrilled to be able to talk to Ellie, I’m a huge fan of her books, particularly her Every series, a must for any crime-loving YA reader. Head on over to her website to learn more about her work and keep up to date on her upcoming releases. Ellie somehow manages to write prolifically despite juggling many other balls, as she talks about in this podcast episode, and there is always a new gem just around the corner.