Finishing up at CYL

It’s bittersweet to be exiting the Centre for Youth Literature a little over a year since I first joined the team. I came on board for a short-term three month contract and as is often the way with contracts, it was extended.

In my time at CYL I’ve worked on the Inky Awards, the relaunch of Inside a Dog, Story Camp, two YA Showcases and more. I have worked with some of the most wonderful people, notably excellent in their professional abilities and also passionate and dedicated to YA literature. I’ve made friends, been blown away at what teenagers will do if you give them the space and opportunity to lead their own projects and read more amazing YA books than I can count.

Having said all of that, I will be relieved to return to freelance work. It’s a difficult balance working in such a demanding role while having a disability. It’s left me feeling very worn out and thinking wistfully of all the other projects I’d love to be working on or writing I would love to be doing.

I’ve made myself and my family a promise: I won’t even look at a new job (as in, permanent employment or one-off producing contracts) for six months. I need that time to rebalance, focus on my own work and my existing projects, and assess where I want to focus my energy for the next while. Hopefully writing it in this post will keep me accountable!

I look forward to a new ordinary in 2019, one where I might have my own creative work to share again. I’ll keep you updated.

This is What Raising a Feminist Looks Like: Erin Farley

A new episode of the podcast is available now via iTunes and all your regular podcast services!

In this episode I talk to Erin Farley about raising her son, four-year-old Jose. Erin has over fifteen years experience working in communications and campaigns with not-for-profits, unions, government and in politics.  

We chat about single parenting, the motherhood penalty on careers, public discourse on mental health, deafness and the gendered nature of English language acquisition and much more.