Limited News launched today

What if we took all the ideas we talk about, all the debates we have, and turned them into something productive?

This is essentially the question that lead to us creating Limited News. A bunch of friends with different political leanings, different perspectives, who all felt passionate about issues like politics, culture, television, fighter jets (no really), transport and the state of Australia got together and decided to publish our various ramblings.

What we wanted was a sandpit for the kinds of writing we wanted to do for ourselves. The things we weren’t able to pitch to mainstream publications because they were too niche, or we didn’t want to have to play nicely with others. When we tried to boil down the essence of what we wanted to do we came up with the motto¬†stupid stuff done smart. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

We don’t know where this adventure will take us, but we want to keep enjoying it along the way. I’m particularly loving working with such a diverse group of people, who have radically different politics and approaches to their writing. Here’s hoping it’s a fun ride.