This is What Raising a Feminist Looks Like is available on iTunes

You can now subscribe to This is What Raising a Feminist Looks like in iTunes or on your preferred podcasting app!

The first episode is a short introduction to what the podcast is all about, and a bit of background on how it came to be.

It’s nerve wracking to have it out there in the world, but I’m very much looking forward to sharing the first interview this month.

Announcing: This is What Raising a Feminist Looks Like podcast

Turns out, because I can’t help myself, I’ve got a project I’m launching next month. It’s a podcast (and accompanying Tiny Letter) which will be the interviews I’m undertaking in preparation for the long-laboured book I’ve been working on about raising feminist sons.

The podcast is called This is What Raising a Feminist Looks Like and the first episode will be live in early October. In the lead up I’m launching the Tiny Letter I’ll be sending our fortnightly to share links to the work of my guests, other articles of interest and events that might be of interest to the podcast audience.

The best way to stay up to date with the podcast is to subscribe to the Tiny Letter and ‘like’ the Facebook page. For those not familiar with the Tiny Letter format it’s essentially a very short and sweet email that comes to your inbox.